My Bansuri Performance

Classical Performances

What a musical instrument can do depends largely on its musical capabilities. The human voice of course is the most capable, with its ability to produce words, and the spoken language. Particularly within Hindustani music, it has been every instrumentalist’s dream to do what a vocalist can, to show the Gayaki anga of his instrument. My special bansuri allows me to explore Gayaki to the fullest.

Videos @Ragaquest

You can watch videos of my performances on this YouTube channel.

Classical Performances Breathing Bamboo:Raga


Audios @Soundcloud

Just listening to music, with your eyes closed, certainly

allows you to focus on the nuances … Breathing Bamboo


I have realised over the years that song-playing on the Bansuri is equally profound, and it is quite a challenge to bring out the emotions of a song.
You will find here the songs I try from time to time on my Bansuri.

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