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Raga Bhoop

Raga Bhoop
Bhoop is an extremely deceptive Raga. It contains only the five notes Sa, Re, Ga, Pa and Dha, and all in their shuddha versions. And so is generally seen as easy to play on the flute.
The reality is quite different though. The connections of these notes are quite difficult to manage. The notes follow each other in long curvaceous paths, all connected in avarohi meend. And then maintaining the poise through expected slow development is quite a task. Things get easier as you move into the Madhya/druta laya bandish, and at faster tempo.
Observe closely the avarohi meends from Sa to Mandra Dha, Pa to Ga and then again from the Taar Sa to Dha. The Raga dwells more in the Poorvanga, i.e. in the space from Sa to Pa.
The Gandhaar is the most important note, and the Pa-Re Sangati is the most important aspect, which is a trademark of the Kalyan Anga.

Bhoop Phrases :

Bhoop Bandish :

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