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On a Journey to explore Ragas….

Hello Friends,
I was conducting a workshop for flautists recently, and realised something important.
For my students back home in Pune, who see me a few times a week, the exploration of a Raga is quite a continuing process. And I am right there to clear any doubts or correct them. But that is not the case with the distance learners, and participants in the workshops, like the last one. And I need to do something for them.
A Raga progresses through phrases, and the entire structure of the raga can be shown through a set of few phrases across the whole range. Practicing these phrases is a good way to internalise the structure of the Raga.
I have decided to post here such a treatment of the Raga, one by one, so that it provides material for practice to all of you. I will write a short comment on the Raga, followed by an audio of an alaap, which can be easily broken down into component phrases for practicing. I will also include one Bandish played on the flute. This is an E flute, and would suit most of you.
I am refraining from giving any links to the Bandish or other material on the Raga, but am sure you can browse for these on Youtube..
Enjoy your Riyaz…

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