Musiquest : The plan

This is my 10th post of Musiquest. When I set out, I was quite curious as to how this develops. And am still curious!

There has been a big gap (more than a moth) since the last post. It was quite heartening that I got a few  mails enquiring about the next post! I have also been getting a few questions on mail, but no comments on the post. I would rather urge you to write a comment on the post…..Answering questions off-line has not really been a part of the plan for me.

Perhaps we are a bit embarrassed to post a question which becomes public, going by my earlier experiences of the workshops. I would give the same comment as we used to then: A question is never stupid (of course if genuine and asked with the right intent), the answer could be!

Now to explain the gap since the last post… I had planned to take a pause around the 10th post to see how it was going, and make any course corrections as necessary.  I hope that I have been able to avoid letting this be a runaway train of posts. But still I felt that I should now consolidate and present a complete plan of how this is going to develop. This will give you a clearer picture of what to expect, and also help me keep up the regularity in my posts. secure web browser So my plan is attached here…And we are looking at finishing this in about a year from now, with at least one post every week. So now you can look up to a new post every Saturday.

Musiquest – The plan

I have tried to cover as much as possible in this plan (remember, the focus is on the concepts, and not information), but do let me know if I have missed out on anything….

Lastly, I have a rough sequence in mind, trying to maintain the flow of concepts as they progress, and will anyway indicate this from time to time. But there could be some diversions, if some interesting questions come up. What is life without a touch of spontaneity?

The next two posts will be on the concept of Laya, and its use in music…….


2 thoughts on “Musiquest : The plan

  1. Nitin,
    Have been reading this since the last trip. Of course, its wonderful! Sometimes a small paragraph contains a gem that needs to be thought about much, much longer!

    While all of you practising experts have experienced what has gone into each thought here, for the rest of us, it provokes deeper thinking and exploration. We may not be practitioners but we also hear music about the same length of time, so diving deeper allows us me to explore it at my own level

    Keep up the good work! Each of these topics here are worthy of a big chapter in itself with more enunciation. Hope you are having as much fun publishing…!

    1. Thanks Vijay…

      I am certain there are many more like you who experience and enjoy the fascination, and do hope am able to contribute a bit to enhancing their enjoyment..

      May I ask you to SPREAD the good word? I think just sharing the link on ur facebook or other platforms should do a lot…

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