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Hello and welcome to my riyaz room….

Hello and welcome to my riyaz room…

Learning music to become a performer has two sides to it : The music side and the instrument side. 

Be it any instrument, (includes singing where you yourself are the instrument), you need to develop the ability to produce the desired sounds out of it, and exercise control over them. This relates to the technique aspect of music.

However, you would not know what to play, unless you also learn the other aspect of music, which is well, simply music. You need to understand the basic musical concepts, and the framework within which they are applied.

So while on one side you learn to handle the bansuri with ease, you also need to start understanding the concepts of Raaga, Swar as applied to raga, Laya and Taala, and then their application to the actual presentation, i.e. rendering a Raaga through either the khayal or the alaap/jod form.

Within this page, we will touch upon the technique aspect of the bansuri, and specific musical questions related to bansuri playing.

The musiquest section on this site will take you through the other part, i.e. musical concepts and their application to performance, with regard to Hindustani music.

While I have not yet made a particular sequence, I plan to add numerous posts on topics related to bansuri playing.

Any questions coming from you will perhaps set the course….

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2 thoughts on “Hello and welcome to my riyaz room….

  1. Hi Nitin,

    Would it be possible to outline the general steps or milestones /activities to progress from a beginner to a middle or more advanced level of playing?


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