my riyaz room


This section of my website is for those who actually play the flute, the Indian bamboo variety.

It was almost 20 years ago that I made my first flute, ergonomically designed to suit me, and with some small modifications which would help me explore Gayaki to the fullest. It took another 5-6 years to be able to handle and use it fluently, suddenly opening the whole spectrum of Hindustani music, no raag or bandish barred.

I have also been teaching since then. A lot of students came for varying times and vanished, some stuck on, some keep surfacing from time to time. Lately, I have also been teaching some on the net.

I have been making my own flutes, and most of my students have also been using the flutes of my design.( Anand Dhotre in Mumbai makes them).

The purpose here is not really to teach, but rather share my own experiences with music and the flute. I would like to invite you to my Riyaz room, and do hope that I am able to infect you with the happiness I derive from my own riyaz…