For a listener of art music, is it really necessary to understand music?

My own answer to this question has gone through a change as my own understanding of music, as a performer improved. Nevertheless, the one thing I know for sure (thanks to my years of interaction with the listeners through the music acquaintance programs), is that there are a multitude of questions in the mind of a common listener. And he does not really know who to ask them. The internet of course gives a lot of “information”, which is just but glossary and definitions, and it is indeed difficult to understand the underlying concepts, and their application in performance.

I often think about how I would conduct the Music Acquaintance program today. I don’t intend to go back to live workshops, but I thought this blog would be a great way to continue my dialogue with the listeners.

Each of my posts will address a particular topic, including A/V demo extracts out of Gaan Jidnyasa. And then will try and answer any questions posted as comments.

The purpose of this conversation is not to teach music to the unbeliever, but merely give pleasure to the converted….But if there be an unbeliever, then he may perhaps see things that explain the interest and enthusiasm of so many.

I am quite curious to see where this Musiquest takes us…